Business of Sports

June 2017 | Philadelphia

Wayne Kimmel, SeventySix Capital Managing Partner, Ryan Howard, SeventySix Capital Partner and World Series Champion, and Andrew Brandt, Villanova Law's Moorad Center for Sports Law Director and Sports Illustrated Writer, discussed the evolution of athletes as entrepreneurs and investors at SeventySix Capital's Business of Sports event on June 22nd at the Science Center in Philadelphia.

“I’m enjoying my time with Wayne and Jon and trying to help these young entrepreneurs develop their dream. I’ve been able to live out my dream, and baseball’s taken me to a lot of great places where I probably never would’ve otherwise gone. I’m excited about the opportunity to be able to provide that for somebody be able to make a change in the world.”
— Ryan Howard tells a sold-out crowd in Philadelphia with Wayne Kimmel and Andrew Brandt
Wayne Kimmel, Ryan Howard, Andrew Brandt, Philadelphia
Wayne Kimmel, Ryan Howard, Andrew Brandt, Philadelphia

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