At SeventySix Capital, we focus part of our investing strategy on the intersection of sports and technology. Our team, partners and portfolio companies are directly impacting the evolving landscape of sports. 
We back entrepreneurs who are leading this charge because we are bullish that there will be amazing innovations to come in the sports tech industry. We also believe that athletes themselves are the next great entrepreneurs and investors. The traits that athletes possess — dedication, relentless pursuit of positive results and the ability to assess a situation quickly— seamlessly translates to investing and business.

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Ryan Howard has experience working with the CEOs of top brands which is critically important to the success of SeventySix Capital portfolio companies. He has invested in several businesses, real estate projects and professional gaming team NRG Esports alongside Shaquille O’Neal, Jimmy Rollins, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.


Rubicon Talent is a sports and entertainment agency based in New York City. Led by sports marketing veterans Peter Raskin, Dave Maryles, Jonathan Salant, and Brandon Swibel, Rubicon represents a wide range of clients including MLB legend Cal Ripken, Jr., NFL All-Pro Running Back, DeMarco Murray, Denver Broncos’ Pro Bowl & Super Bowl 50 Champion Emmanuel Sanders, Pro Bowl & Super Bowl 51 Champion, Martellus Bennett of the Green Bay Packers, NBC Sports’ Dan Hicks, 3x Gold Medalist, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Hurdler/Bobsled sensation, Lolo Jones. Our strategic partnership enables us to partner and generate new business opportunities with athletes, broadcasters and celebrities.

“As the sports and entertainment business continues to evolve, our clients are continually seeking more strategic, diversified opportunities. Partnering with SeventySix Capital is an opportunity for us to set ourselves apart from the traditional sports marketing firms.”
— Peter Raskin | Rubicon Talent Partner


Whistle Sports is a global sports media company that creates, curates and delivers compelling sports content for fans and brands across multiple social, digital and TV platforms. Since its formal launch in 2014, Whistle Sports has built an active, global community with over 475 of the world’s most engaging sports content creators that now encompasses over 350 million aggregate subscribers, fans and followers with a growth rate of over 2.5 million a week. The company’s investors and equity holders include Tegna, NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Liberty Global, Emil Capital, and SeventySix Capital as well as multiple professional sports leagues.


Founded in 2009, N3rd Street Gamers (NSG), is a community of competitive and recreational video gamers that produces a series of esports tournaments, leagues, and casual gaming events. 

NSG runs both small- and large-scale esports events for games like CS:GO, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, and the recent official Madden Challenger, one of 4 sanctioned in the United States by publisher Electronic Arts (EA). They host an annual summer championship event bringing in more than 2,500 casual and professional gamers from across the world. On the popular streaming platform Twitch, the 2017 summer event attracted over 22,000 live concurrent viewers and 1 million total viewers over a 3 day period.

NSG is headquartered at and operates LocalHost in Philadelphia, a dedicated esports arena. Opened to the public in June 2017, LocalHost is a competitive arena, training facility, and production studio that provides a home for in-person video game competition. LocalHost members can drop in to use high end gaming PCs, consoles, or virtual reality systems and participate in multiple weekly event series. Fans and spectators can experience top tier competition in the studio, set to double in size in early 2018.

“There’s no denying that esports are rapidly growing in popularity. Events and leagues are now broadcast to tens of millions of viewers online and on traditional television.”
— Ryan Howard | MLB superstar and SeventySix Capital Partner


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