Rubicon Talent works with SeventySix Capital on major projects in the sports and entertainment industry. The sports marketing and talent agency, led by Peter Raskin, Dave Maryles, Jonathan Salant, and Brandon Swibel, represents a wide range of clients including NFL and NBA stars, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Heisman Trophy Winners, Olympic Icons, Media Personalities and Celebrity Chefs. Rubicon also consults for various brands and agencies, leveraging sports and entertainment personalities to maximize commercial initiatives. Rubicon focuses on three core areas: talent management, marketing, and strategic business ventures.

“As the sports and entertainment business continues to evolve, our clients are continually seeking more strategic, diversified opportunities. Partnering with SeventySix Capital is an opportunity for us to set ourselves apart from the traditional sports marketing firms.”
— Peter Raskin | Partner, Rubicon Talent


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