The digital and physical worlds are merging. For this reason, SeventySix Capital partnered with Kravco, a leading private real estate developer and property management company that developed the King of Prussia Mall. Their experience and expertise enables us to identify the latest trends in the retail industry. In addition, they are able provide our entrepreneurs with relationships to retailers, both online and offline, and shopping mall owners.


SeventySix Capital and Kravco were instrumental in bringing an innovation center to Philadelphia - the Microsoft Reactor - in partnership with Microsoft, University City Science Center, and Wexford Science & Technology. The Microsoft Reactor is an innovation center which provides state-of-the-art resources and technology support for students, developers, entrepreneurs and startups. SeventySix Capital also has access to the Microsoft Reactors in San Francisco and New York City. We will continue to leverage our partnership with Microsoft for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

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With 50 years of experience in retail and real estate development, Jon Powell leads the industry by transforming physical spaces in innovative ways. 

Originally founded in the late 1940s, Kravco quickly established itself as a leading private real estate developer and property management company, becoming one of the largest retail shopping center organizations in the United States and the largest in the Philadelphia region. Collectively, Kravco’s professionals have managed, leased, developed and redeveloped over 30 million square feet of commercial real estate, primarily in the retail sector, including the acclaimed King of Prussia Mall.

Following more than half a century of proven success, including a successful strategic partnership with Simon Property Group from 2003 to 2011, Arthur Powell, an original Kravco founder, and his son, Jon Powell launched Kravco Company LLC. Kravco continues to build on its excellent reputation among local, regional, and national tenants, and among its investment partners.

Our partnership with Kravco enables SeventySix Capital to have beta testing locations for our retail and tech portfolio companies.

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“As an experienced developer and property manager, I have seen first hand how ecommerce has transformed consumer behavior. As the physical and digital worlds continue to merge, our industry must stay ahead of consumer demands. Partnering with SeventySix Capital puts Kravco at the forefront of innovation in retail.”
— Jon Powell



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