What is the Sports Technology Investment Area Flying Under the Radar?

What is the Sports Technology Investment Area Flying Under the Radar?

Sports Business Chronicle by Mark Burns

Sports Business Chronicle’s #OneQuestion series returns for another installment. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback with the first few articles, so we’ll continue to integrate the series into the content production on a regular basis.

This week, we asked a group of professionals, ranging from an athlete and technology media outlet to venture capital and M&A firms, what is the sports technology investment area currently flying under the radar, and why? Respondents examined both the financial investment side of the equation along with areas that teams and properties could direct more attention towards in order to improve the fan experience. Below are responses in their entirety.


What’s flying under the radar today is the fact that athletes are the next great entrepreneurs and investors. At SeventySix Capital, we are working closely with our partner Ryan Howard, and our sports marketing agency partners at Rubicon Talent to connect athletes to the entrepreneurs who are building game-changing companies. We believe that athletes and entrepreneurs can help one another to be successful because they possess the same traits — desire, drive, passion and a “make it happen” attitude.

Wayne Kimmel, Managing Partner, SeventySix Capital 

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